How cool is that?

As Gil says (and everybody knows) the Rio city remains beautiful. What he did not know at the time he wrote this song was that there was something else to play the game at the wonderful city and help Rio makes the scene.

It is still a project called Solar City Tower that will be built at the top of the island of Contonduba. Solar City Tower will be the point of reference for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The tower captures solar energy. It will supply energy for all of the Olympic city, as well as also for part of Rio. It pumps up water from the ocean to create what appears like a water fall and this fall stimulates turbines that produce energy during the night.

It will also hold the Olympic flame It also has a retractable plat-form for the practice of bungee jumping.

I confess that I would love to see it, from Ipanema beach, on Saturday afternoon, when the cariocas applaud the sunset (miss that!) with my gorgeous friend Rejane or André, or Fê, or Bia, or Guty, or Hanna, or Gorda, or Luiza, or all together.*

*Post about JELOUSY is coming soon regarding the emails that I get when I talk about the “tabacudos” in here. Love you all.

*For more information about the project please visit:

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