Workout for your brain, start now!

Hello Everyone!!!

Do you believe that children are stuck with the brain they were born with or that aging is an inevitable precipitous decline into memory loss?

The understanding that the brain is dynamically changeable and remains plastic throughout life has revolutionized the way scientists view cognition. While everyone is different and genetics do matter, there is a tremendous amount we can do to improve the way our brains function. To everyone who wants to improve their brains function and stick with their new year’s resolutions here is a good start:

The website was created to improve your brain and archive your goals. The first 3 classes are free and they have apps for smart phones and social network. The training is fun. I did the first class myself and really like it. So I strong recommend you to give it a chance.

Remember: New Year’s resolutions are all about breaking out of old ruts. Starting new routines is especially important when it comes to keeping your brain functioning at its absolute best!

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