13 reasons why I do not have a Facebook account

I am tired of explaining my reasons why I am not on Facebook. You are free to have a virtual life, and because we live in a democracy (thank God!) I am free to choose not to have one. A real life is complicated, busy, and enough for me. Other than that, here are my inside reasons why I do not have a FB account:

1.    You can talk behind my back as much as you want. But without a FB account, it is hard for you to spend your time talking about me. And guess what? I like that.
2.    I have been able to keep my true friends for over 30 years as a friend. And guess what? For a long period of time, I did not need FB help for that. So, why do I need that now?
3.    Looking at pictures of girls in tiaras on their birthdays makes me want to vomit.
4.    By FB’s terms of service, they own your data (section 2.1) – I do not agree with that.
5.    The fact that I do not have a FB account makes all of you so peeved. And I like that I have that kind of power.
6.    I do not need another addiction in life.
7.    I’m paranoid about sharing my personal information on public websites.
8.    The last thing I need is for people I haven’t talked to in 20 years (or last night) being able to find me.
9.    I like to manage how much information you get from me about my life.
10. Precious information is for close friends – not for everyone.
11. Because I do not have a FB account, I do not get jealous when someone (that I do not know – and by the way, gorgeous) say Hi to my husband on Facebook. (Ignorance is happiness.)
12. I do not have to put up with show off friends who need to brag about everything on FB
13. See how people are interested in stupid things every day, make me sick!

3 comentários:

Cacau disse...

Mulher, queria eu resistir!! Adoro aquilo lá. Não basta o vício da coca, adquiri mais um. Como vc disse: eu precisava?

Carla disse...

Tão você, Lelê...conseguia te ouvir dizendo cada palavra...

Carolina Ianda disse...

Sua cara Lelê! Hahahahaha!

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