What the hell is wrong with the Americans?

Seriously. I have been here in this country for 3 years now. I can’t tell you how many friends I thought I had and how many I lost for nothing. If you are not doing what they want or not saying what they want to hear, damn! You lose. They walk away from your life without a conversation, without talking. Just like that. You pass your life wondering what happened. You will never know.
It is so hard to deal with this. I grew up in country where FREEDOM is a real thing. Not a statement. You can drink, you can dance, you can date, you can go crazy. It does not matter if you are taking responsibility of your actions as long as you are not hurting anyone. But, if something goes wrong, take the time AND TALK. Call your friend and tell him/her why you are upset and ask how we can solve the problem.

In the USA, I see people being rude, impolite (they do not know how to use silverware, but this is another thing), and leaving from your life for nothing. My friends from kindergarten have been in my life for all these years, and I do not even have a facebook account. So, I guess, Brazilians are able to keep their friendships no matter what. And believe me, I like a fight. I do everything I can do to not get involved in a fight, but once I am in, I do not want to get out. But I also know how to solve problems and care about MY FRIENDS. That said, please; try to help me to understand why people here are so lonely, so selfish, and so fake? I kept friends in Canada, Switzerland, Recife, São Paulo, and Rio. So, why the hell am I not able to make true Americans friends? I have Mexican friends, Latino friends, Asian friends, but Americans? No. I do not have a true American friend. And let me tell you – once I thought I did. It was a huge mistake. I guess they all grow up thinking about themselves. Then, it is everything about themselves and what they can get from you for themselves.

Think about, a country which has to go out and fight for the most stupid reasons, cannot be teaching their kids to make friends. People in Texas do not even know what is going on around the world. The news just talks about USA and the Kardashians. But ask an American - hey where is New Mexico at? And he is going to tell you – IN MEXICO. I can give so many more examples than this. But I prefer to shut my mouth. Because, while I am here worrying about literature, poems, and news, there are 8 million people following Kim Kardashian on twitter. I think Americans worry about how to be famous. The war is not their problem. The biggest mistake Bush has done is not their problem. But, when they all go out on a trip in Europe they are really surprised when they find out how people around the world are upset with the USA. Come on. Get a life. Get out of your bubble world and try to live beyond your favorite show on TV. There is life off of your sofa!

And please learn how to talk and solve your problems. The rest of the world has no crystal ball. (Me neither).

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Chatters disse...

Am I not your friend :(

Re disse...

Oi Helena, esse e o meu primeiro comentario no seu blog e o achei atraves de um outro site "Mundo Pequeno". Li o seu post e nao poderia deixar de concordar com o que vc disse. Americano realmente e um povo sem nocao do que realmente importa enquanto seres humanos. Well said!

Gisley Scott disse...

Welcome to USA!Onde as pessoas vivem de aparência, acham que pode fazer e acontecer e não colherão as consequências de suas ações.Onde coisas e animais são mais importantes que pessoas.

Man oh man, eu eu achava que só acontecia comigo.Olha que você falou tudo.O problema que eu tenho enfrentado por aqui é que eles querem que eu seja amiga deles, conte minha vida pra eles, isso e aquilo, tenha algum tipo de intimidade, mas eles não querem investir na amizade.Só querem sair com vc "quando eles não tem nada pra fazer". Lógico que nem todos são assim, mas é muito comum vê-los com tantas coisas pra fazer que nem são tão assim importantes.

É por isso que quando ficam velhos moram só ou vão parar na nursey home pq não aprenderam a desenvolver people skills.Sad but true.

Aqui eu falo um pouco do que vc tratou nesse post:


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