Wake up call for Brazil

I was reading this article about Brazil http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/07/31/60minutes/main20073776.shtml?tag=mncol;lst;2#comments - and it makes me realize that we need to take business more seriously. I know it is great that we are passionate about everything: we love soccer, soap operas, beer, and making love. But we also tolerate lots of bad stuff.
We tolerate corruption, we tolerate loud people (we are very loud), and we absolutely tolerate being late. We are always late. Since I moved to the USA, I have been learning to be on time which I find really hard. But, I live in another country and I have to respect their culture and values. And I think it is great to have a big respect for others people's time and I actually enjoy it when they show up on time as well. It is just great.
The biggest problem is not only to find a way to teach Brazilians to be on time, but actually how to change their culture. It is something that we should start to teach in school. I grew up in an environment where being late was always acceptable, but I know now that it is not ok. I guess that being passionate about everything makes us to want to do stuff on our own time (when we feel like doing that) and it is not ok guys.
If we want to be taken serious and be heard, let's starting showing the world that we grew up. Not only with making money, but making social and cultural improvements in or within ourselves. We can be on time. We can be ready for the 2014 World Cup. We can fix Rio's favela. Brazil is not only Carnival, naked people, and the beach. It is also a country with a bad inheritance of being paternalist (thank Portugal for that) in the way we handle business. We lose focus on what should really count when we are doing business because we put more value to make friends for life.
It is time to make real business and show the world that we can change and take the future as an adult and grown up country.
Let's do it. Yes, we CAN!

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Chris Angel disse...

We should secretly set all Brazilian's clocks back 30-45 min for one day and see what happens...

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