What is happening in Brazil right now? TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!

It is time for a change. Brazil is the country of the future and will always be if we do not act now.
What is happening in the major cities around the country is a manifest against the diverted money that should be used to invest in education and public health. Without education, no country can make a big change. We all know it takes time. But the process needs to start somehow, somewhere.
People on São Paulo’s street are not upset about the .20 cents Reais ($0.09 cents in dollar) increased in public transportation. The $.09 cents will not kill anyone. People in fact are tired of the abusive taxes (Brazil has the highest taxation rates in the world and they are all hidden!) and the lack of public services. There is no good public school system, there is no security, there is no efficient public transportation (especially in São Paulo where the traffic creates chaos), there is no health care programs while, taxes are higher, prices are higher, and everything is extremely expensive. Meanwhile, the government is only worried about hosting the Confederation World Cup.
We are tired of it. We are DONE with it.
Billions of dollars are being used to build stadiums around the country in areas where they will do no service for the community later. While (of course) part of it is going to someone’s private bank account (probably outside of the country) as part of our “good” corruption culture and reputation.
Why not use the Confederation Cup, the World Cup, and the Olympics to make a change? Why not aggregate the opportunity to host such a big event and allocate the money to help to develop the country even further? It is very simple, when building new stadiums, why not make it at an easy access to the public and use later for classes, medical assistance and other important things that the poor communities are lacking? Why not work together to create a better and a brighter future with such opportunity?
Why is everything is about MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY now? We are tired of it and it must come to an end. Increasing the price of a public transportation the week before the Confederation Cup starts is not legal. The fundamental of the government is mainly to watch out for the interest of the people. Not profiting as the shameful and embarrassing conditions of the poor people in Brazil are allowed to persist.
In Brazil, the business and politics are all above the constitution. At least they act like it.
It is time for a change!


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