About three years ago, the movie Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) arrived on the movies theater around Brazil. It was a big impact to see that kind of reality on the big screen. Now it is time again. Tropa de Elite 2 has made its arrival. The biggest Brazilian movie has been on the big screen for 3 weeks and has already been seeing by 6 millions of people. This numbers has never happened before with a Brazilian movie. No wonder why. The movie itself is AMAZING. But it is cruelty and striking like the natural scenario of the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro, when it is seeing by the first time. The movie shows the violence like it is in the city and how bad our politics are down there. It is hard to find a solution when you do not know where is the problem.

I am not in Rio anymore. Now I live in a suburban of Houston where I have a house, a job and a husband. But, for 9 (great) years of my life I was in Rio. Ipanema, Jardim Botânico, Leblon. It is really hard to explain you how people can live in a such dangerous situation watching all kind of violence happening around themselves and be happy.

The crime was not born in a favela (ghetto) as “medium class” usual says about Rio. As a Journalist I guarantee that 99% of those people who live in a such unfortunate place are victim like everybody else with a little money in that country. Brazil is a great place to live because its scenario, its music, its food, its drinks, and its people. But you have to understand that there is no middle class in brazil as you know in rest of the world. In Brazil you have poor people (and when I say poor, I mean extreme poor) and rich people or EXTREME rich people. Because of that, we have a big gap in the social evolution pyramid. The rich people become richer day by day. In the same order, poor people become more and more poor (day by day).

Around the world we pretty much know the good guys and the bad guys. In Rio this definition is really hard. When you do not know where your enemy is, it is hard to protect yourself. Because of this, live in Rio is not just about to learn how to dance samba, drink caipirinha and speak Portuguese. It is all about to learn how to protect your life and how to still smile and have fun when you need to watch yourself 24/7 – non-stop. Watch the movie below. And please tell me, how do we get out of this situation. If you cannot answer the question, come join the club with alcohol and music! We have learned at a very young age that life is too short. So, enjoy it now.

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